About PGSA

The HKU Postgraduate Student Association (PGSA), founded in 1993, is the oldest registered student association run by the postgraduate students at The University of Hong Kong.The Association aims to enhance postgraduate life at HKU by encouraging students to take active interest in their welfare by participating in various academic, social and professional events. The Association is an independent unit in the University and it is an autonomous body like the HKU Students’ Union (HKUSU), and is open to all the postgraduate students at HKU, whether full-time or part-time. The membership, which is lifetime, covers many postgraduate activities held throughout HKU. These activities may consist of basketball games, tennis games, social parties, high table dinners, career building workshops, outdoor trips and lectures of special relevance to postgraduate life. The aim of these activities is to build a strong community among the postgraduate students at the University of Hong Kong.