PGSA Representatives

Committee Full name Department/School email
Policy Board of Education Mr. LI Jingxian Social Science (MPhil) [email protected]
Graduate House Committee of Management Mr. LI Jingxian Social Science (MPhil) [email protected]
Committee on Student Affairs Mr. LI Jingxian Social Science (MPhil) [email protected]
Committee on Student Finance Dr. CHEN Jie Medicine (PhD) [email protected]
Careers Advisory Board Ms. WEI Yichen Engineering (PhD) [email protected]
Committee on Student Amenities Mr. TANG Xin Engineering (PhD) [email protected]
Committee on Catering (2 seats) Mrs. MA Rongzhen Social Science (PhD) [email protected]
Committee on Catering (2 seats) Mr. Alexander FEDOROV Education (PhD) [email protected]
Committee on Halls Mr. WANG Yuchen Medicine (PhD) [email protected]
Committee on Personal Development and Counselling Ms. ZHOU Xitong Social Science (Msw) [email protected]
Information Technology Committee Ms. FU Jingyuan Education (PhD) [email protected]
Steering Committee of the Henry Chan Inclusive Education Fund Ms. HAN Chen Education (PhD) [email protected]
E-learning Committee Ms. FEI Fei Education (MEd) [email protected]
Safety, Health and Environment Committee Dr. MA Muzhi Dentistry (PhD) [email protected]
Equal Opportunity Committee Mr. ZHANG Runzhi Engineering (PhD) [email protected]
Library Committee Mr. LAU Kwok Yan Social Science (MPhil) [email protected]