Publish Date: Jun. 19, 2015

Event Date: 10 a.m on 21st June, 2015

Venue: Sai Kung Public Pier.

Yacht Party

Getting tired of endless course work, research and tepid Sunday sitting around and doing nothing? In need of an awesome place to chill and a hedonistic event to relax, rewind and recreate? Come and join our Yacht Party in Sai Kung!
Organized by the postgraduate association of 5 universities, the Yacht Party are now open for registration from all students from HKU. As a joint event, you would have the opportunity to party on with all aspiring young students from all 5 universities. You will also have the chance to mingle with our heavyweight guests such as the vice-president of CityU and the managers from HK airline and China Mobile.
Participants will only need to pay a minimal registration fee for the party as our sponsors have kindly offered to cover the most party of the costs. A lucky draw will also be hosted at the end of the party, with the top prize being round-trip tickets to China.
Registration fee: 100HKD for PGSA member; 300HKD for others
Payment instruction will be stated in confirmation email after you finish the above registration (Please assure that your Email in the form is totally right). The successful registration is provided only after the successful payment.
Should you have any questions, please contact with Liu Ting by < [email protected]>.