Publish Date: Apr.29, 2015

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Fund Raise for Nepal Earthquake by HKU

Message from Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine:
Students, colleagues, alumni and friends
By now you will have heard or read that there are two groups of a total of six graduating medical students from the class of M15 in Nepal, who are completing their final Special Studies Module self-initiated learning experience. We have now secured contact with all of them. They are safe and remain well.
The outpouring of good wishes from the student body, the alumni community and the general public has been overwhelming. Please know that your prayers and kind thoughts are very much appreciated. Both groups of students have asked us to express a very deeply felt thank you to all of you who have shown such care and concern for their well being.
I have been especially touched, albeit worried, that some of our students have offered to stay behind and return to the worst affected areas to help as relief workers. No matter whether they stay to help or return home directly, in the end their humanitarian spirit has shone through and they have matured as a budding medical practitioner. These are experiential lessons no classroom or ward at home can teach.
Their parents and the Faculty have been working with government and other contacts both here and in Nepal to ensure their quick and safe return home, as soon as possible given the circumstances. Please join me in praying that these students, and all those from Hong Kong, will continue to stay well and be reunited with their families soonest. Of course our thoughts go out to the Nepalese people who have suffered unimaginable losses in this tragedy.
Thank you again for your concern and support.
Gabriel Leung
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