Calling for nominations for positions in the PGSA Executive Committee 2017-2018

Publish Date: June 5, 2017

Event Date: June 20, 2017

Event Time: 23:59pm

Event Venue: PGSA Office

The current Executive Committee of the Postgraduate Student Association (Session 2016-2017) has successfully served our members for nearly one year. We are now calling for nominations for positions in the PGSA Executive Committee 2017-2018. The organization structure of the PGSA are available from our website (
Qualification for Nominations:
1) All nominees shall be Full Members of the Association and shall not concurrently serve as proposers or seconders of any nominee;
2) Nominations shall be made on the forms provided for the purpose, which at a minimum should contain the following information:
i) The name of the candidate;
ii) The signatures of a proposer and a seconder;
iii) The signature of the candidate signifying his consent.
3) Each proposer shall nominate no more than 3 nominees;
4) Nominees for position of President, Deputy President, Vice-President (Executive), Vice-President (Internal), Vice-President (External), Treasure and General Secretary shall have at least one proposer from the current PGSA Executive Committee (Session 2016-2017);
5) Each of them shall be proposed by one Full Member and seconded by another Full Member;
6) Each of them must be a registered full-time student of this University during his term of service.

Nomination Deadline: Please submit COMPLETE application form to the PGSA office (P407, Graduate House) by June 20, 2017, 23:59pm. Late applications will NOT be considered.

Election Campaigns:
1) The Annual Election will be held on June 29, 2017;
2) A one-week prior notice will be sent to all members by means of bulk email;
3) Election will be by polling conducted on the Election Day;
4) More detailed information will be released in the due course.

i. Make yourself a full member of PGSA following the procedures (Neglect this step if you are already a full member):;
ii. Download the application form and fill in the application form with a PC or with CLEAR hand writing, application form can be downloaded via the following link;
iii. Prepare a personal statement (PS) describing your administrative ideals if you are applying for President, Deputy President, Vice-President (Executive), Vice-President (Internal), Vice-President (External), Treasure and General Secretary;
iv. Send the SIGNED the Application form, CLEAR copy of your student card and your PS (if applicable) to PGSA mail box at P407, Graduate House or hand in the documents before deadline (Tips: Slide your documents under the door if the mail box is crammed);
v. Need a Proposer from the current Executive Committee (Session 2016-2017)? Please find their contact information here: We are looking forwards to hearing from you;
vi. As nomination has been received, nominees’ qualification will be checked. A formal confirmed letter will be sent to each nominee for his/her election on or before June 22, 2017.

Thank you for helping and supporting us, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Council, Session 2017-2018
Postgraduate Student Association
The University of Hong Kong

For the concrete order procedure, please see the following document for detail.