Annual Election (Mid-term) of PGSA Executive Committee 2016-2017

Publish Date: November 28, 2016

Event Date: December 2, 2016

Event Time: 11:00 – 13:00

Event Venue: Main Campus, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine and Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

Main Campus: 11:00 – 13:00, Dec. 2, 2016; 11:00 – 13:00, Dec. 3, 2016
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine: 11:00 – 13:00, Dec. 2, 2016
Faculty of Dentistry: 11:00 – 13:00, Dec. 2, 2016

Venue (TBC)
Main Campus: RR Shaw Podium (in front of PGSA noticeboard)
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine: Lobby of G/F William Mong Man Wai Building
Faculty of Dentistry: Room 552, 5/F, Prince Philip Dental Hospital (PPDH)
Dear all postgraduate students,

After the nomination period, we are pleased to announce that the Annual Election (Mid-term) of PGSA Executive Committee 2016-2017 will be commenced shortly. Please refer to the following arrangement to vote for the candidates you support.
1. The Voting will be conducted in the form of a secret ballot;
2. All postgraduates currently registered at the University of Hong Kong are eligible to vote;
3. Members shall show their own STUDENT CARDs for the eligibility and duplication checking, before his/her ballot ticket can be accepted;
4. Every member may vote for ONLY ONE nominee for each position listed on the ticket. Duplicated voting in any of the position will invalidate the corresponding ticket;
5. Every member shall vote ONLY ONCE;
6. Withdrawn or update of a ballot ticket will be NOT allowed;
7. Members are NOT allowed to vote on behalf of others.

The Nominees for the?PGSA?Annual?Election?2016-2017 are:

Vice-President (External):
Lan Xin ([email protected])
I herein sincerely submit my application form for joining the PGSA Executive Committee as the Vice-President(External), serving PG community and enhancing PGSA influence as an official organization of University.
In past years of my PhD study, I have served some Committees in HKU, as follows:
1. 11/2014 - 10/2015 Membership, the Board of the Faculty of Science;
2. 03/2015 - 10/2015 Membership, Faculty Teaching and Learning Quality Committee.
Also, I had some management experience of student community before coming to HKU, such as:
1. Vice-chairman, Minister of the Organization Department, Dalian University of Technology Mental Health Society;
2. Chairman, Dalian University of Technology Current Affairs Forum Association.
In addition, I had the volunteer experience as a team leader, which led a volunteer team to work in Yunnan Dashanbao Black-necked crane National Preservation Zone in 2011 summer.
As a PG, I don't think the academic research is the only thing we should care about. Real world is more complicated beyond the research world. In fact, team spirit, passion for letting the world and community better, as well as global vision and strategic thinking should become a part of our abilities to respond to future challenge and deal with the problems faced by whole world.
Again, I sincerely submit my application for being Vice-President(External) of HKU PGSA Executive Committee.

General Secretary:
Li Leiguang ([email protected])
When I was enrolled by HKU, I never thought I would be a part of any association of this university because I did many similar jobs and I wanted to pay more attention to the research. I was the monitor of my class in the first year of my college time, I organized many academic activities and entertainments, and brought a fruitful time for classmates, they felt warm out of their hometown, they got the improvements be involving those activities, at the same time, they had a great time in hiking, climbing, and other sport events. The second year, I ran the president position of the Student Union of the Life Science School in the Xiamen University, and fortunately, I got the position. I lead the whole team to construct a healthy, efficiency and capable community of our department, I contributed a lot of efforts to build a much better atmosphere for improving themselves and treating each other friendly. I truly grew up a lot at this position, it gave me so much experience for organizing people, adjusting the relationships and solving the emergencies. I am very appreciative of what I have experienced when I was looking back. If I don’t have those experience I won’t be the person who I am today. I also shouldered the Deputy President of the Student Union of the Department of the Environmental Science during my postgraduate period in Xiamen University. Honestly, I didn’t improve anymore during that period because most of the jobs I had experienced before, the student affairs didn’t have that much difference between each other. The core idea of the student affairs is how to control or manage students when you have no restricts to them, it is an art of control. As I said above, I didn’t think I would involve more student affairs in HKU, however, I prepared to run the General Secretary Position of the PGSA right now because I just realized that the running system of Hong Kong associations was totally different with the mainland’s, and I had more opportunities to improve myself, at the same time, to serve the postgraduates who came to HK for seeking knowledge to be better themselves by using my experience. Although, the situations are different but the rules are similar, so I still can use the former experience to offer my service to the huge community. They pay for learning, and they should receive more attentions if they need to make voice and get help. PGSA has lots of problems even it is a historical association which was built more than 20 years ago. Many problems were exposed during the transition period, I would like to make a list of them:
1. Lack of stock list, so the new EXCOs don’t know what they can use, and they order new things which already have. This caused money to waste.
2. No passing experiences. The new EXCOs couldn’t get any information from the last generation leaders, even though some of them continued their tenure, but there should have an official transition meeting. 3. Bad relationships with other associations and I was so confused about the reasons. Eventually, every association is serving for their own membership which is good, so the cooperation should be the first priority of anything. As a general secretary, I will try my best to make a stock list before the next semester, hold a transition meeting during the transition period and coordinate an amicable relationship with other companies and associations to reach more agreements for benefitting the postgraduates.
Two postgraduate representatives in the?PGSA?Council:
Sha Feng ([email protected])
My name is Sha Feng and I wish to represent you in the PGSA council.
I have always been an “outsider” of the PGSA. But at the third year as the representative of postgraduate students at department of social work and social administration, I saw several issues that to be solved on the school level, a) the lack of adequate support for academic training, b) the lack of integration among Mainland China, Hong Kong and foreign students and c) the utilitarianism in academic research.
These are very big issues that can hardly be addressed at a short time. If elected, I wish I can at put them on the agenda of the PGSA. ???

Officer of the Membership and Alumni Affairs Office:
Zhang Boyang ([email protected])
Core Value of Membership and Alumni Office
1) Influence Value: to all the University of Hong Kong as a service group of graduate students to provide in the academic, life, social, personal development services and guidance to become a true sense of the graduate group has a strong service capacity and influence of value Outstanding student community.
2) Organizational Value: As the organizer and integrator, we should make full use of the credibility and appeal of the HKUST Graduate Student Union, build the communication and cooperation bridge between the outside groups and the students in the university, take the social public value and students' personal development as the key direction, Multi - party demands and common realization of interests.
Work and Activities
Famous Alumni sharing meeting, Famous Alumni entrepreneurship support platform, Recruitment Fair

Officer of the Information and Technology Office:
Yan Bijiao ([email protected])

Officer of the University Affairs Office:

Officer of the Student Welfare Office:
Zhu Zhiyuan ([email protected])
My name is Zhu Zhiyuan, a first-year PhD student from Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine. I am running for the position of Officer of Student Welfare office.
As an executive member, I participated in preparing and conducting the events organized by PGSA, such as Orientation Days and Team Building. I have had a great time working with PGSA colleagues and witnessed the great vitality and strong influence of this association. Also, I have gained experience about how to be one of this team.
I will endeavor to provides a practical service for all the PGs, including but not limit to:
1. Desk Calendar design and distribution for welfare week;
2. PGSA Hoodie design competition;
3. Strengthen the publicity of regular consultation provided by PGSA and to make it meaningful;
4, Working closely with other offices and CEDARS to provide high quality service and welfare to the postgraduate community, such as information about internship and job opportunities.
Your vote will make a difference, please support me with your vote!
Lee Hang Seng ([email protected])
Hello, I am Isabella Lee Hang Seng. I was a candidate of Postgraduate Student representative to Council. This time, I would like to become an Officer of the Student Welfare Office. I sincerely hope PGSA members give me full support, allowing me to be your representative in the pursuit of your welfare and student interests. Let our University have a brighter future by the joint efforts of the PGSA members. Thank you!

Officer of the Publication Office:
Yan Shuchang ([email protected])
I will run for the position of officer of the Publication Office.
I once worked as secretary in the Secretary and Archive Office, participating actively in the activities both in the office and PGSA, such as regular meetings and orientation activities. I feel honored to be an executive committee to serve for the students, especially postgraduate students in HKU. The work in PGSA gives me a chance to know many excellent schoolmates and to improve myself. I sincerely hope to continue my work in PGSA and take greater responsibility for our PGSA family.
I know it is of importance for our organization to communicate with our members and all postgraduates effectively. Also it is necessary for other organizations within or outside our university to know PGSA more clearly. Thus I want to campaign for the position of officer of the Publication Office, which is in charge of communication tools such as Facebook, Wechat, Weibo and bulk email of PGSA. I promise I will do this work carefully and accurately and I am sure that our PGSA will be better with our efforts.

Officer of the International Liaison Office:
Li Jinjin ([email protected])

Officer of the Career Development Office:
Yang Jie ([email protected])

Officer of the Social Program Office:
Zhu Jiahui ([email protected])
Dear all, My name is Zhu Jiahui, a postgraduate from education program. This year, I work for the social program office, we did the project which is an 8-week mandarin course for the local and over-seas students to help them improve the oral mandarin. Meanwhile, we also took the responsibility to recruit the volunteers. I hope to do some activities to combine the postgraduates and the society, so I am here to elect the officer of social program. I hope to have more chance to let the postgraduates know the society in Hong Kong, better integrated and have the chances to join in some activities to do volunteers to help others. Thanks for your support!
Joanna McFarland ([email protected])

Officer of the Archive Office:
Zhao Wanying ([email protected])
I am Wanying ZHAO, and I am writing to apply for the Officer of Archive Office of PGSA. I became a PGSA member in September his year, and worked for the Secretary Department in the past period, during which I took part in several issues of PGSA, including duty roster registration, HK & Macau Five-university Meeting and the electrical train party. In which I not only gained the working experience, but also built close relationship with other Excos. These motivate me to contribute more for PGSA. In terms of the administrative ideals of the Archive Office, there are two parts that I intend to strengthen. One is the duty roster regulation, which need to be more positive and develop some useful and targeted service like consultancy or suggestion box specifically opened in the duty time. The other one is to refine the files documenting system, which shall build a more systematic and comprehensive scheme of documentation of department files as well as records of meetings and activities for PGSA, sorting by different categories. Above is my general conception of the improvement of Secretary Department. Should there be any demand or shortage being observed, follow-up internal review and corrective actions will be implemented as soon as possible. If I am lucky enough to get this opportunity, I will spare no effort to make the Archive Office to play a more useful role in the whole PGSA.

Please notice the nominees for the?PGSA?Annual?Election?2016-2017. If you have any question on illegibility of the nominees, please email to?the PGSA Council?via: [email protected]

Please notice the nominees for the?PGSA?Annual?Election?2016-2017. If you have any question on illegibility of the nominees, please email to?the PGSA Council?via: [email protected]